Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Your Seed Story?

Hello Everyone!
We are working hard during our writer's workshop. Our current focus is writing "small moment" stories.  If you have read any of Lucy Calkins' books, she encourages kids to write about small moments from their lives.  First graders tend to write about very broad topics and just skim the surface of those ideas.  In our classroom we call those "Pumpkin Stories." Great and wonderful, but not many details.  We are now working on zooming in on some of those wonderful memories and picking out one little seed.  Those seeds (small moment memories from our lives) are pretty important and interesting too! Learning how to pick out that seed can be tricky for our littles!  I put together  a little unit to help me help them.  I hope it will help you as well!
Here are a few pics from the unit and from out workings so far.

Pumpkin or seed?

Sorting ideas with a friend!
 Of course I had to bring in the real thing!!! :)

I think I want to write about that jar of spaghetti sauce!! :) 

The kids will now work on adding details to their seed stories---because even those seeds are special and important!
14 pages! :)

Writing can be so much fun.  Showing kids how their own small seeds can make great stories is amazing!!  I can't wait for tomorrow!!

Til next time, have a wonderful evening! Keep saving those seeds for writing ideas!!