Saturday, October 19, 2013

Marvelous Magnets

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick post today!  Taking my son suit shopping.  Yes, it's interview time!!  He will soon graduate with a double major, computer science and software engineering!  Believe me when I say he has helped me out of some technical situations more times than I can count!!  
Anyway, I know some of you (my teacher friends) will be teaching about magnets soon.  We will hit our little unit next week.  I put together a little mini unit with a final activity where the kids are combining what they know about force and motion with what they just learned about magnets. I also tried to fit in a hint of spelling!! Here's a preview!

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Inspired by AIMS science!

Okay!  Off to spend some quality and probably quantity time with my baby!!

Stay tuned!  I want to share our "Tell Me Towers" with you!! Remember our retelling ropes?  I put a new fun twist on them!!
Till then!
Have a great weekend!

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