Monday, April 15, 2013

Are you symmetrical???

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick post tonight.  We began our fractions unit with an introduction to symmetry.  I posted about this important concept last week. I started off with some of the plane figures I had left over from our geometry unit, asking kids to fold the shapes in half to see if they were symmetrical. We talked about congruent, mirror image, same size and shape, etc. Then we looked for things in the classroom that might be symmetrical.  Guess what we found??!!  Some of us were symmetrical!

Then we got busy with our symme"tree!"  Turned out so great.  The kids each had to color, cut out, and fold plane figures to see if they were symmetrical.  All the examples of symmetry were glued to our giant tree. 

Can't wait to do some more symmetry tomorrow!! Stay tuned!
OH! BTW! If you would like a copy of my symmetry unit which includes the symme"tree" idea... click  HERE for 20 pages of fun!

Have a great night!!