Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Serious Symme"tree"

Hello Everyone,
We are in Chicago this week to celebrate the life and legacy of my husbands wonderful mom.  She lost her 10 year battle with cancer on Sunday morning.  We will miss her greatly, but rejoice in the truth that we will see her again. 
While sitting at the airport for 4 hours waiting for our plane because of weather delays, finally boarding, then deplaning because they couldn't start the engines, walking about a mile to the absolute farthest gate possible to board a new plane, and then finally taking off,  I was able to put together a little symmetry unit for my sweeties.  We will begin learning about fractions, but I first wanted to go over symmetry, congruent shapes, equal parts, lines of symmetry, etc. Symmetry is an important mathematical concept that  actually serves as a jumping off point for many different mathematical objectives.  We naturally look for balance and order in our lives, as well as in math.  Symmetry can be taught with real life examples and leads beautifully in to a study of fractions.
This little unit includes :
2 mini posters with definitions
A hands on shape activity  
      creating a class symme “tree”
4 visual activities
3 center activities
A vocabulary word search 

You can get your little unit on Symmetry if you click here! :)

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this as much as I think we will!  Let me know!! I'll post some pics of our life-sized symme"tree" when we get that done!

Anyway, till next time, have a wonder-filled week!