Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baking Up Some Synthesis

Hello Everyone!
Synthesizing is one of those "How do I teach that?" kind of concepts. I love how Debbie Miller in "Reading With Meaning" uses rippled water when you throw in a pebble to show how learning grows with reading.  I actually used that idea last year.  This year I wanted to use something the kids could connect with maybe a bit more. When I began thinking of synthesizing as bringing schema and mixing it in with the text, and adding a little more thinking, a little more reading, some talking, etc, it sounded like a recipe. Hmmmm...Baking??? Cupcakes??!!  Kids' fav!! 
Today I introduced the concept of synthesizing with some quick cupcake themed anchor charts, a little song, and some modeling of my own thinking as I read a new book.  Then the kids got to once again use their chef hats and their "Smart Cookie Bakery" aprons and practice synthesizing with a friend.  Of course they needed some other manipulatives like "ingredients," bowls, spoons, etc. Each pair picked a story, talked about what they thought the story would be about, read a little, thought a little, talked a little, read a little more, and finally synthesized. They really could track their thoughts, changes, and new learning!
Then they got to make a paper cupcake on which they attached their thinking and synthesizing. Here are a few pics.

Thanks for stopping by our little window. Have a great night!!