Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Retelling Rope

Hello Everyone,
This week we are working hard on the components of a good story and being able to retell with all those components evident.  I've posted about retelling ropes before, but I wanted to share how much my kids love them and "get it!" 
We reviewed all the story parts and created our class-size retelling anchor chart and rope. Then the kids made their own. 

  Retelling is an important component of discriminating comprehension  in our young readers. Teaching the main components of a story  will help kids understand story structure, the relationships between the parts, sequencing, author’s purpose, and so many other comprehension skills.
Here's a little retelling unit. It includes :
*A little poem to post
*A mini poster showing the Story  Retelling  Rope
*4 mini posters which depict some of the  story parts.
*3 pages of large icons for your own large poster or retelling  
*2 pages of small icons for the kids to make their own rope (color and black and white for them to color their own)
*Student recording pages(color and black and white)

example of story part poster

Parents, don't forget to ask your kiddo about their retelling rope.  Try it at home with the books your kiddo is bringing home. 
Have a great night everyone!
Thanks for taking time to take a peek!!


  1. I love your retelling ropes!! What a great way to incorporate visuals into learning! Thanks! :)

  2. Would you be able to email me the Retelling Rope documents? I am unable to print the documents.
    Thank you!!

  3. Love it! I think I'll do this when I get back from break! Love the hands-on!!
    Little Priorities

  4. Dear Nancy, I just wanted to thank you for being so generous! I love your retelling rope ideas and appreciate you allowing us to download it , as a gift! Thank you for showing such a giving spirit and just a reminder, for you... I believe you will be blessed (in abundance) for being such a blessing to others :) Have a great Wednesday! God Bless, Kelly

  5. Oh.My. So adorable and usable. Thanks again for another amazing creation!!!!

  6. thanks for the resource - recently discovered your blog and love it! For the retelling rope, I really appreciate the visual/spatial element. You're really "moving" through a story. Thank you!


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