Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ell-o Everyone!

Ell-o Everyone!
Can you guess that we worked hard on the ell chunk this week? :) I want to share a couple of ways to get some fun word work into your D5 time.  I have posted on my "Speller Tellers" before, and it was such a hit last year that I decided to pull it in again for our study of ell words. Perfect match.  You may have heard of this design as a cootie catcher or a fortune teller. A few years ago I decided to take this kid friendly fun foldable and turn it into a spelling practice activity.  Here are the steps:
start with a square piece of paper

fold corners in towards center

flip it over and fold new corners in towards center

Flip over and fin little pockets

label pockets with spelling words

flip over and write words on each triangle
write a positive note under each flap

put fingers in pockets so you can rotate to different words

When finished, have kiddos get with a buddy. They pick one of the words on the top to spell. Rotate speller teller as buddy spells words. Practice a few words and then pick a flap to open and revel positive message! 
Seriously, the kids did not want to put them down!! 

  We also practiced our ell words in a yummy way.  Yes! Another "Eat Your Words!"  This time my sweet team-mate had the great idea of using Jelly Beans for the e's!!  Loved it!! And the kids did too!!

Well, thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into our little world!  Have a wonderfilled weekend!!


  1. Hi Nancy!
    I remember making those in grade school! We called them Fortune Tellers! Scholastic has a great teacher resource book out with a ton of phonics-related patterns using this fold-able pattern. My kids just love it! Thanks for sharing your Eat My Words with us! I am anxiously waiting to use the (oo) Fruit Loops one next week!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Fun . I remember having these when I was a kid. We are on oi oy. Can't wait to use Chips Ahoy!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I recently discovered your blog and love the "eat your words" concept. I found several of them on your blog, but I wondered if you had a download of all of the eat your words that you've made. If so, that would be a great thing to have. Love all of your units and have downloaded several. You are awesome, thank you for sharing!


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