Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Morning!!

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick post today, then off to some science training!!  One of my most popular post is the one I did on my morning warm ups. I thought I'd rework and create a little pack.  I am not a fan of just a pencil/paper activity every day for the kids to do as soon as they get to school, but I do want them reading and/or writing and/or talking! :)  Every morning while I'm taking lunch count, attendance, organizing notes from parents, etc., the kids follow our Morning Warm up schedule. Most days there is an independent, hands on, pair, share activity. Here's the schedule:

The mini unit describes each of the warm ups!! They warm up brains for about 10-15 minutes.  
The next thing we do is our morning meeting.  The pack includes this little rap, a little song, and some morning meeting rules. Morning meeting is a time where we grow together as a class community.  The pack gives a little more information about morning meeting. 

Hope you can use some of this to make your mornings bright!!

Have a good morning!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your great morning activities. It is nice to see different ideas for getting started in the morning!

  2. Nancy you have such wonderful ideas. I have enjoyed this blog and I appreciate you sharing all the great things you do in your classroom!

  3. Awesome as always! You are a blessing to all of us!
    The Caffeinated Classroom

  4. This can be the best part of the school day! Thanks so much for sharing your start up with us!

  5. Like Marilyn I also love your ideas! I also love that you share so freely:)
    I teach kindergarten and so I adapt some of the things you do for my little ones.
    I am hard would it be to change the morning song to read "Here in kindergarten" instead of "Here in the first grade"...I know I am "looking a gift horse in the mouth", so to speak but I love the song..and we count off our days just like you in our morning meeting.
    Please just disregard if I am being presumptuous, but maybe there are some other Kinder teachers out there that follow you as I do, that would love it too!!
    My e-mail is

  6. I always feel so blessed when I download one of your freebies! You are so creative & I love that you are so generous with your ideas. Thank you!!


  7. Thanks so much! I'm not a big fan of doing seatwork (pencil & paper) first thing either, so I will be using your ideas to start my am routines this September (when we Canadians start)

  8. I love this! Where did you get your "Think Outside the Box" Activities? I Googled it but couldn't find anything. Thanks!


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