Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poetry Power

Hello Everyone!
Poetry Power- Powerful Points in Puny Packages!  I finally had time to put all my poetry documents into one "package." I use a lot of poetry throughout the year in my classroom.  Poetry is such a fantastic way to introduce new vocabulary or concepts, practice sight words, practice fluency, build confidence through oral reading, shared reading, etc.!  I introduce at least one, sometimes two poems a week.  The rhythm  and rhyme and singsong atmosphere provides a fun element to curriculum.  Sometimes the poems will have a math or reading theme and sometimes science or social studies. We keep a poetry folder so the kids can revisit poems all year. They get to take them home to practice reading poetry to families. Nothing but win, win!  I am sharing my collection with you in this quick post!

 For your free poetry collection (97 pages) click here!!

Hope this helps your kids feel powerful!! :)