Thursday, May 15, 2014

...As Lovely as a Tree...

Hello Everyone!
We had a  "tree"mendous day today!  We are finishing up our natural resources unit and today turned out to be all about trees!  We started off with our Think Outside the Box Thursday Morning Warm up. I gave the kids some little leaves and twigs.  They had to glue them on to their paper and create something different.

I am always amazed at the creativity in my littles!!

  We read several books about trees, brainstormed why trees are considered a natural resource, and created some summary list trees out of paint chip strips. Glue or tape a stick to the bottom and voila! Some pretty special little trees!!  

Save the Trees!!!

We then had the opportunity to go outside to enjoy and study the trees around us.  We took paper and crayons out to take some rubbings. We of course talked about protecting trees for so many reasons. We are so lucky to have some beautiful trees around our school. 

We also talked about replacing any trees that are cut down or damaged by weather or fire. We found a great example of a new tree. 
What a great day of learning!
If you are interested in our unit on Natural resources (I think I shared one last year as well) here are a few pics.

mystery picture


And you can get your free 30 page printable download HERE! CLICK!
Well, I can't believe tomorrow's Friday already!! The days are flying by!!! Hold on tight, we're coming in for a landing very soon!!  I hope the view until then is as great as it was today!!!
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  1. So cool! Your ideas are always inspiring. Tree rubbings- why have I never done that?
    The Meek Moose


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