Monday, May 26, 2014

Thanks for the Memories!

Hello Everyone!!
Feeling so blessed today as we take time to remember all those who put so much on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today.  Thank you to all of you and your families! Flags are flyin'!! Hearts are burstin'!

Just a quick share today before we go out to enjoy some grillin'! I've had a ton of e-mails asking if I had an end of year memory book I do with my kids. Well I wanted to update and upgrade my meager one anyway, so here's a brand new one!! I wanted something that had room for written expression as well as creative expression, so each page has both.  The book turned out to be about 25 pages long, but you can certainly pick and choose, and copy it 2-sided to save paper!  Here are a few pics!

a second option for a student cover

Stay tuned for a quick and inexpensive end of year little treat for those amazing littles!!!
Enjoy your day!!!


  1. You are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. You have such awesome ideas! My team and I love using everything! The kids always have a "blast" and learn these with pleasure !!!


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