Friday, June 7, 2013


Hello Sweet Friends!
Phew! Ahhhhhh!  Wow!  Sniff!  Another year with first graders is over.  I do have to tell you that this past week was so bittersweet for me.  It is no secret that teachers take their students and carry them in their hearts.  Some people say that they love teaching because there is a beginning and and end every year. I find it hard to accept the "end."  Each of these littles will have a spot in my heart for who knows how long.  Some of them forever!! Lots of tears while saying goodbye...No! Not goodbye...See you later!! :)

The last couple of weeks of school have been busy with a fun popsicle unit.  I shared the unit already, but I added some fun components, so you may want to download again. 
The unit included a simile activity that I decided to create a craft connection as a publishing component. Here are a few pics.
After brainstorming some fun popsicle similes, the kids turned them into poems by writing some of them on paint chip samples. They added a popsicle stick and tah dah!! A sweet, colorful way to publish! 

The last week of our popsicle unit brought some fun ways to practice some math and personal finance. (Yes personal finance is one of our objectives! ) We created a little popsicle shop and had the kids earn money for doing things during the week.  They collected coins in little bags and set goals for what they wanted to buy at the end of the week.  The kids had opportunity to trade coins in. When they got 5 pennies, they traded for a nickel, etc.  
On Friday they were able to "buy" the popsicle of their choice if they had enough money. 
We also made some fun little "Soda Jerk" hats. Too cute! 
Here are a few pics.

Directions for soda jerk hats are included in the unit update.

Waiting to purchase a yummy popsicle!

Oh my! I am going to miss these kiddos!!!  
So stay tuned for more first grade fun because I'm not ready to let them go!! 


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