Friday, June 28, 2013

Eat Your Words Pack

Hello Everyone!
I have had so many requests for a single document that includes all my "Eat Your Words" word work printables.  So I finally had a chance this morning to combine all the pieces into one.  If you are not familiar with them...One fun, easy, yummy way to practice word chunks is by incorporating some kind of edible manipulative. By adding this element, kids practice writing and then zero in on the specific chunk by overlaying with an edible.  Each edible actually has the chunk in it that kids are working on. Kids will recognize and associate the edible word from environmental print!  Lots of connections going on!!  And then, of course, they get to EAT! ( I do have to be careful of any allergies or dietary restriction my kiddos have!) 
In this little packet you will get about 30 pages of "Eat Your Words" word work printables.  I've included 2 "random" chunk printables using Alphabits cereal and Cheez-It crackers. Sometimes you will be working on a chunk that has no clear edible choices. 
Here's a peek:

Hope this helps your word work time!!  
As always, thanks for stopping by for a peek into our world of wonder!!