Thursday, June 13, 2013

If I Can Think It...

Hello Everyone!
My summer has been off to a busy start. Lots of Professional Development, lots of curriculum writing and integrating for the district, campus retreat...and that was just this week!  Our district does an amazing job of providing so many opportunities for us to grow as educators.  One book study many of us chose to do is using the book "...And with a Light Touch" by Carol Avery. (readily available on Amazon)
  I have just started the book but am thrilled already with the validation I am feeling.  The author portrays a classroom where a responsive environment provides some exciting growth in students' reading and writing.  Starting with what interests each kiddo and growing from there makes so much sense! That is how our district encourages teachers to teach writing. From that writing comes reading. I couldn't help but to pause and recreate my little mini poster.  I've posted this before with a different design, but melonheadz graphics are becoming some of my favs, so I knew I had to use some of her cute kidlets.

This little poster reminds me and the kids that we can all be writers and readers!!

Well, off to do some more reading!!  Happy Days!!