Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reading/Writing Roving Conferences

Hello Everyone!
Yes, I am still around.  I have not started my summer yet.  I've been working hard with a small group of amazing ladies to integrate our social studies and reading curricula.  This kind of integration is right up my alley, so I had to say yes when approached about doing this for our district.  We have about 5 more days of work before we will be ready to share. Lots of work, but fun and I think, rewarding!
 I am also working on a district sponsored facebook book study. I think I mentioned last time that we are reading "...And With a Light Touch" by Carol Avery.  Great resource for teachers of K-1 reading and writing.  In her book she devotes some time talking about little mini conferences for both reading and writing, and trying to conference with every kiddo every day. I am going to strive to do that this coming year.  But knowing that I am the worst when it comes to documentation, I knew I needed a quick form to show with whom I've conferred and just a place to show observations. Here's what I created based on my reading.

These short sheets are meant to be a quick documentation of observations from a roving conference, just check or highlight.They are not meant to take the place of guided reading anecdotes or records.

Let me know if you can use these, or if you would like to see them in a different form.
As always, thanks for stopping by!