Sunday, June 9, 2013

Think Outside the Box- a Second Shipment!

Hello Everyone!
One of my favorite morning warm ups is our Think Outside the Box Thursday.  I think it has become one of my kids' favorite as well. And I've had parents say they love them too!!  I have posted about this before, but I want to share my second shipment of this packet.  If you are one of my kids or parents reading this, go ahead... print off the new ones and keep your creative juices flowing all summer! Before I share the link for the down load, I want to share one of my favs from the year. We did this one during our popsicle unit.  
If you aren't familiar with them, The kids are given a simple line drawing. They are to create something new out of it. I tell the kids that I want them to think of something no one else will think of. Well, this little guy did!! 

He turned his page sideways and turned it into a guy with a cold blowing his nose!!  Loved it!!

My new pack has 40 different activities for the kids to do.

An example of one of the pages
For the Second Shipment of Think Outside the Box, click HERE!!

For my first set, click HERE!!

Let me know if you have used some of the first pack and how the kids did with them!

Til next time, thanks for stopping by to take a peek!  Have a great week!