Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Great Day For UP!!

Hello Everyone!!
YAY!!! We had an awesome day today! It was all about clouds!! A great day for UP!! To start with, our Think Outside the Box Thursday shape looked very similar to a cloud...but it wasn't a cloud!!  Look what my little smarties turned that shape into!

They are really stretching and growing  their creative brains!!!  Great job, kids!!!
Then we were so excited to see a few little clouds out this morning!!  A rare event this time of year!  We made our cloud watchers earlier this week and haven't seen even a hint of a cloud until this morning!!  We hurried out to try out our watchers because the clouds were fun little popcorn clouds that disappear pretty quickly!!  We were able to observe and document our observations for a few minutes!!  

 Then of course we had to finish our shaving cream and glue clouds.  Sometimes it looked like...  You know, from "It Looked Like Spilt Milk!"

 You probably already know how to make this, but in case you don't, one part shaving cream, one part white glue.  Mix together.  That's it!  Plop a glob on some paper, and let the kids swirl and create a shape.  It takes all day or night to dry, but stays puffy!  Then, of course you need to write about it!!

It was a great day, with more fun to come tomorrow!!  Almost finished with beginning of year testing!!!  Can't wait for tomorrow!! It's going to be another good one!! Thanks for stopping by for a peek!!  Stay tuned!!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of your cute ideas and awesome freebies! I always like to use a couple of poems by Christina Rossetti with this unit - Clouds and Who Has Seen the Wind? See Thanks again & God bless you!

    1. Hi Cheri,
      YAY!! I will add them to my lessons!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. I love "Think outside the box Thursday!" I think I may start that this week :) Thanks and have a lovely weekend.
    Three Cheers for First Grade

    1. Hi Annie,
      Think Outside the Box Thursday is my kiddos' favorite morning warm up!!
      Hope you enjoy them!!

  3. Did you read the book Duck! Rabbit! ??? it would go perfect with this lesson.

  4. It seems to be fun activity for my children. You elaborated the complete post in very detail and easy & simple language. Great job! Kudos to you!


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