Sunday, September 29, 2013

Place Value Pizzazz!

Hello Everyone!
We will begin a math unit this coming week on place value.  Our school district offered a good professional development course this summer using the First Steps in Mathematics as a resource.  In that resource, the authors discuss the fact that most kids understand the "places" in place value but sometimes see the numbers in those places as simple numbers.  A "7" in the tens place should be realized as 70, not just a 7 in the tens place. This little whole group lesson and math tub activity is easy to set up and will give kids the understanding.  You can use it as an intro to place value or as a diagnostic tool.
Here are a few pics.


For your quick and easy 21 page unit on beginning place value, click here!

Hope this helps you!! 
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  1. this looks so cute! thanks as always!

  2. I've looked over some of your things - they are great. You are so kind to share. Also, I am happy that you are able to do so many fun things with your students!


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