Monday, September 2, 2013

Subitizing Sampler

Hello Everyone!!
Subitizing has become a big component of our math curriculum over the last few years.  Subitizing is "instantly seeing how many."  This coming week, we will work hard on seeing  groups of objects as a quantity, a unit, part of unit, or pattern. Exploring subitizing cards with kids will help them internalize quantity without having to count. Giving them the confidence to "just know" without counting gives them a step up to fluency in math.  I created a little mini unit to help me help my kids. This unit includes 21 pages of subitizing cards to print, cut apart and either use as a whole group mini lesson game or to put in your math tubs so kids can practice their "instant seeing."  There are dominoes, dice, ten frames, fingers, tally count, subitizing circles, and numbers. You will also find a subitizing miniposter to post. Here are a couple of pics.

Hope this helps you!!
Stay tuned for more subitizing fun!!
Have a great day!!