Tuesday, September 17, 2013

number patterns

Hello Everyone!
This week in math we are working on number patterns, more specifically, skip counting beginning at a given number and reciting numbers forward and backward from any given number. If you've kept up with this blog at all, I do love a good lifesize math lesson. So, I pulled out my shower curtain sized 120 board the last couple of days!  I love using that thing.  It really puts numbers into perspective for a classroom full of kids. It makes working together so fun, easy, and effective!
Yesterday we worked on skip counting starting at different numbers.  I gave the kids a paper ring to place around numbers used. Great multisensory activity!
Today we worked on reciting numbers forward and backward.  But this time I found some cute little rings (similar to Frisbees) at Hobby Lobby in the party section and the kids had to take turns flying their ring to land on the board.  Then they had to choose counting forward or backward.  Again, it was a hit!
Here are a couple of pics!

Skip counting by 2's starting at 1.

Skip counting by 5's starting at 3

For those who missed a post last year on my lifesized 120 board, I love using shower curtain liners for making math kid friendly. I just get the cheap ones at Walmart or even Dollar Tree. Use a jumbo sharpie to write whatever you need!! And they last for a while!!  Win! Win!
If you are a parent reading this, you can even make one for home!! When my boys were little, we would draw roads and neighborhoods for their little cars to ride on. Totally reusable and easy cleanup.

Anyway, I know the past couple of days' math lessons are the kind that will help my kids understand number pattern and relationships. 

Let me know if you have other ideas for a shower curtain liner!!  I'm always up for something new!!


  1. love this idea! plan to use it soon :)
    aconnolly1216 at gmail dot com

  2. Its not a shower curtain, but I use a round table cloth to make a giant clock and then use a painted euler and yard stick as the hands.

  3. How did you line up the numbers so perfectly? Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. There is a clear shower curtain that has a world map on it; at home, I use it as the liner so my kids can look at it while in the bathtub or shower. I even love looking at it and learning/remembering where countries are!

    1. You are so wonderful !!!!!!!!!! Your lessons are so motivating !!!!!!!

  5. I saw your giant 100 chart on Pinterest. It was on my summer to do list. I made one this morning. It's not quiet a perfect as yours, but I think it turned out pretty good. I'm excited to try it out next year. Thanks for the great idea!


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