Saturday, September 14, 2013

"We Wanna Be Like Johnny!"

Hello Everyone!!
I think just about every first grade class in the land celebrates Johnny Appleseed. We take the folktale as a lesson in good citizenship.  I shared my little mini unit earlier, but I wanted to share with you how the kids responded to the core value of the legend.  After reading several books about Johnny, and learning a little song, we brainstormed and created a little chart exploring our thoughts on how Johnny Appleseed demonstrated good citizenship.

We decided we wanted to be like Johnny!  The kids created a speech bubble with a "good citizen quality" they wanted to show in their lives.  Then, of course, I had them don a pot and apple and share their ideas!  Here are a few pics I managed to snag!!

 Love the little drawing of the thumb as a promise to do this! :)

  I love their ideas!!

Thanks for taking a quick peek into our wonderful world!  Stay tuned for more amazing kid stuff!!

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  1. love the speech bubble idea... I have not done that with my students before. I will be "borrowing" that idea. :)


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