Monday, September 9, 2013

Johnny Appleseed = Good Citizenship

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick share tonight. As I've mentioned before, we have integrated our reading and social studies. So far things are going great. We chose Johnny Appleseed to read about over the next few days, weeks.  He was a character who showed tremendous citizenship. You probably have a ton of apple related activities so this is a teeny tiny share. This ultra mini pack includes ways to incorporate that concept of Johnny Appleseed's citizenship into reading. Here's a peek.

I've also included a quick activity to practice noticing punctuation marks by using some sentences about Johnny Appleseed.  Hope you can use it!!
If you are interested in this freebie, click here!! :)
Okee Dokee...Got to run!! Lots to get ready for tomorrow.

Talk to you all soon!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. These look great!

  2. Love it! I will be using this for sure. What a great connection to good citizenship!

  3. I love the way you tied Johnny Appleseed into good citizenship. It can be a difficult concept for the little ones to understand.

    Granny Goes to School

  4. Wow is a perfect name for your blog because that is what I say every time I read it. At school, we call you our best friend and we have never met you. If you ever get close to San Antonio, please let us know and we will show you the town. It is the least we can do for all the time you save us and joy you put in our teaching.
    On your Johnny Appleseed page about what is a good citizen, it says it is some who respects. Could you please fix it to say SOMEONE? We fixed it to use with the kids but it didn't look as nice as your font. Wow, with all that you publish, that is the first mistake we ever found. That is great
    We appreciate your generosity so much. We are WOW groupies.
    Pattie and team

  5. Thank you so much!!! This freebie is awesome!! I just found your blog this week and I am in loved! Thank you so much!!!


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