Sunday, January 19, 2014

Author's Audience

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick post and share tonight.  This coming week we will be working on understanding that writers write for an audience and that our writing changes depending on that audience. This is sometimes hard to teach so I wrote a quick little chant, made a mini poster and a quick idea recording page to help make that connection.

We will create a large chart in class with student ideas for audiences. We will also chart responses for how to make sure our writing matches our audience. During Writers Workshop mini conferences students will get used to my asking who their audience is? 
Can you use this little printable? Good! CLICK HERE!!
Yes! It's free!

That's all for tonight!! Have a memorable 
MLK Day tomorrow. 
We have teacher inservice, so we won't have kids, but I hope it will still be a memorable day!
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