Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Olympics!!

Hello Everyone!!
They're almost here!!  The Winter Olympic Games!!  I love watching every part of every event!  The dedication and passion that each athlete displays is at times mind-boggling!  They are all winners just for being there!
I have gotten several e-mails asking if I would create a unit on the Olympics.  I had some time today to put a few things together.  This little unit includes some ELA activities using Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester (Love Tacky!!),  6 math tub activities, and a hands on visual connection!  I hope you can use at least a portion of this!  I think I'm going to enjoy helping kids make this important world connection. Here are a few pics of the 45 page unit!

Okee Dokee!!  Got to run!! Making some yummo lentil soup and it smells like it's ready!!
Have a great week everyone!! As always, don't leave before leaving a comment! Is there something else you need?  Want? Questions? Concerns? I read them all!