Friday, January 17, 2014

Sweet Geometry! (and geome"trees!")

Hello Everyone!
Phew! Busy week of Middle of Year Testing, curriculum meetings, tutoring, faculty meetings, PTA meetings, etc, etc, etc, and oh yeah!...We did do some sweet learning along the way!!! We finished up our geometry unit this week with some culminating mini lessons and tub work.  We built figures with edges and vertices (toothpicks and marshmallows) and created some pretty sweet Geome"trees!" Take a look!

Two thumbs up!!

Let's make Geome"trees!"

                                        Got to dress the part!!

Tell me about it!!

 We covered our trees with clear cups, taped them down, and brought them home!!

If you would like a printable of our geometry unit, you can click HERE!! :)

Ahh!!  Friday evening!! Hubby's bringing home dinner, catching up on some missed calls, e-mails and terrible TV!!  Can't wait!!!

Till next time, hope your days are filled with
 sweet geometry!!