Monday, January 6, 2014

We're Gonna Knock Your Socks Off!

Hello Everyone!
I want to start off sending warm and cozy hugs through the lines to all my friends and family in the arctic vortex!  I can't even believe the temperatures some of you are enduring!!! It has been cold here, but nothing like a large part of this country.  Please stay safe!  I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

We were blessed enough to get back to school today after 2 weeks off. I missed my kids so much!  I think some of them were anxious to get back to the routine and the fun of first grade.  We had a great day!!  One of my favs from the day was our "In 2014 I'm going to knock your socks off by..."  We first had to talk about what that little phrase meant, and what we wanted to work on that would knock someone's socks off.  
Here's our chart!

I think the kids came up with some great ideas!!
Then they had the opportunity during our D5 Work on Writing time to write their own and create their own hands on visual.  They had to write their own, make a sock from scrapbook paper and share!  Great job, kiddos!!

I kept our cute little snowman up!  I think he will fit in with our class all winter!  In fact he is going to help display some socks that the kids will get to clip on as they knock them off!! I can't wait to fill up our little man!! 
If you want to try the "Knock your socks off" activity, you van get your free printable in this unit!
                                                       Click HERE!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow!! Ready to have my socks knocked off!! :)