Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind

Hello Everyone!!
Well, our two week winter break is almost over.  I have to say it was about perfect!  Our high school state championship winning football game, then some amazing Christmas family time with my guys, some fun shopping with my son's girlfriend, a ton of cooking---and with that a ton of cleaning, some sleeping in, and then a surprise little mini trip to Cow Town! Yee Haw!  For those of you not from Texas, Cow Town is just another name for Fort Worth, one of my new favorite historically significant cities of Texas. Ahhhh, preserving everything Cowboy!
My husband had to turn my new camera on me! But don't you love that giant spur???
My turn to get some good shots!

 You would think I could leave thoughts of my  students, classroom, and future lessons home, but no!  Even when I am away, I am always keeping an eye out for interesting things for school. Do you do the same thing?? Is it an illness???  I don't know,... but I know I can't help it!!
While walking around the stockyard area of Fort Worth, in between the rodeo and bull riding adventures, we came across a fun little shop called "Crosseyed Moose."  I instantly fell in love with the sweet manager, Shari, and her collection of all things Texan.  If you know anything about me, my classroom, and my love for animals, you can just picture me in this shop filled with animal skulls from Texas critters. I found a havalina skull, a wild hog skull, coyote teeth, a badger claw, a small bobcat skull, and beaver teeth!! Oh! And a piece of buffalo hide!  I know what you're thinking, CREEPY! But sooooo cooool!!  My kids are going to love being able to touch all of this!!

From our study last year we learned that the front layer of  beaver teeth is made of a different, and much stronger, enamel than the white tooth beneath. It takes much longer for that orange part to wear down. The result of this uneven wear (the orange front wearing slowly and the white back wearing faster) creates a nice sharp, chisel like tooth, perfect for an animal that scrapes and gnaws its food. Many rodents have the very same orange teeth!


wild hog!

You can check out Cross- eyed Moose HERE!!!! :)

Shari loves teachers and will do what she can to hook you up with some amazing things for your classroom!  Thanks, Shari!!

In the spring we do a huge animal unit with one major component being how and what animals eat.  These fine specimens will fit perfectly with a little unit I put together last year. I can't wait to add to it.  Until then here's the unit from last year, but keep an eye out for an update soon!

Well, back to my littles tomorrow!! I have missed them!!  I hope they know I am always thinking about them!! Can't wait to hear all about their break!!

Should be a fun week!
Talk to you all soon!
Til then, stay warm and safe!!


  1. I teach first grade in Austin, TX. I love reading your blog and borrowing your original ideas and units. Thanks for being so generous and always sharing your amazing work for FREE! You are such an inspiration.

  2. I love your ideas! I work with first grade teachers as a Paraprofessional and I am hoping to get my own classroom very soon. I have suggested your blog and now my team is borrowing ideas from this awesome site. We did the snowman soup incentive project and that was a very big hit. We also just did the Olympic projects during our center time. I am not a crafty person at all and love all the details that you include. Thank you so much for sharing!


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