Saturday, January 11, 2014

We Heart Worms!

Hello Everyone!
"This is the best day ever!" Don't you love to hear that from your kids??  I heard it over and over again yesterday during our SCI FRI.  We've been studying living and nonliving things all week and ended the week with our comparison of gummy and earth worms.  The kids couldn't believe that I actually had live worms for them in the classroom!!  You should have heard the squeals as I uncovered them!!  Delightful for some and a little freaky for others!  I put the kids into groups and they went to work comparing the two specimens.  So much fun learning!!

Look at the heart shape this little worm made for us!!
We heart worms and worms heart us!!

You can get worms from any pet shop or WalMart.

Next week we will compare what living things need to survive, culminating with the hands on visual rocks!!

What a great week back!! Thanks kids!!  Your enthusiasm for learning helps me want to do more for you!!! 

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Have a great weekend!!