Sunday, April 27, 2014

De-Liver De-Letter!!

Hello Everyone!!
What a great weekend!  Lots of house cleaning, and yard work!  Phew! I'm pooped!! But I did have a bit of energy left to create a quick little supplemental unit for writing "Friendly Letters." I know letter writing has basically gone extinct, but we still believe that it is a great way for people to personally show interest in others.  First grade is not too early to teach kids the proper way to write a friendly letter.  This is, in fact, a great time of year to do exactly that. There are a ton of people around them who would love to receive a letter from a first grader!! Writing letters to show ideas in chronological order or logical sequence and use of appropriate conventions is a supporting standard in our district's writing curriculum. I love that!!
Here are a few pics from this 12 page unit.

The unit also includes some letter writing templates.

I can't wait to have my kids get busy sharing their messages with those they love!!

As always, thanks for stopping by for a peek! 
You are the best!! 
Let me know if you spot any typos or
 inaccuracies in any of my docs!  
Have a great rest of your weekend!! 
 Mine's almost over!