Sunday, April 6, 2014

No Yolk! We're Talkin' Math!

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share a quick little math activity that we did this week. I've posted about our number necklaces before and remembered how much the kids loved the idea, so I decided to create a "double Yolk Math Talk" Necklace activity.  We started with each kiddo creating an egg shape out of paper.  They each wrote a number from 10 to 120 on the egg.  We tried hard not to repeat numbers.  Then we strung a piece of yarn through each to create a necklace.  We did a couple of things incorporating our number necklaces.  The first was to see how long it took us to put ourselves in order from least to greatest. The kids did a great job! They did it in about 35 seconds!
The next activity was to play the "Double Yolk" game. I divided the kids into two groups. The first group formed a circle with each kiddo facing out. The other kids had to form an outer circle, but facing in and across from someone in the inside circle. They had a couple of minutes to compare their numbers- greatest, least, difference, closest to fifty, etc.  They had to talk to each other about their numbers.  I loved hearing the "number talk!" My principal is always reminding us that those who are doing the most talking are doing the most learning! There was a lot of learning going on!! :)

You may have already downloaded it, but I added several more things, including patterns for this activity and a subtraction game.

This week we are finishing up our animal unit with learning about animal resemblance, especially adults and babies.  Kids love baby animals and they are going to love this next little mini unit. It includes some poetry, animal baby names, sorting cards, sequencing with "Are You My Mother?," a hands on visual or two, a word search and more.
Here are a few pics from the unit.

You can get this little mini unit on animal babies if you click  HERE!!! :)
I hope you enjoy it as much as I know my littles will!! 

On a personal note, my oldest son came home for a visit (nothing like the Texas Rangers Home Opener to bring him home!).  We had a great time at the game and he always takes time out from catching up with friends, to come visit my class to read to them.  Jordan is an on air journalist/reporter/anchor for an ABC station in Indiana, and his fluency and expression in reading aloud to kids is captivating!! The kids loved his visit and can't wait for him to come back!

Love all these babies!!! 
 Well, off to do a bit of cleaning!  My house is a wreck!! I've had other priorities lately!!  :)  Til next time, have a wonderful week, and don't forget to take a minute and let me know if you are using any of my units, how you like them, things I need to fix, add, or other thoughts you may have.  Thanks for stopping by for a peek!!
Love to all!


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