Thursday, February 23, 2012

Animal Area and Fireflies

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!  I have to tell you, I am loving this whole blogging thing.  I hope to learn how to upload some of my printables very soon.  Check back again for things like that!
There were two activities that ended up being our favorites today!  The first one is math related.  We have been working on "area" of shapes.  The kids have really caught on to simple area, so I decided to challenge them a bit.  I gave them a piece of one inch grid paper. They had to use the squares to create one of the animals we have been studying.  After a practice sheet, they had to recreate it with markers on a new piece.  When finished, they had to document the area of their animal.  Fantastic job kids!!!  By the look on their faces, I know they were enjoying every minute of it!!   Take a look!!
practicing area with animal shapes
It's a moose, of course!

Cute Coyote!
Sweet Skunk!!

Terrific Turtle!

 Our next favorite thing was learning about fireflies!!!  Fascinating insects!  After reading some of our favorite firefly books and poems, enjoying interaction with a firefly in a jar, we practiced the firefly lifecycle, wrote a list of things that also light up the night sky (sorry I don't have a pic of that) and then worked on a craft connection.  The kids were given a paper jar to cut out...tricky cutting out the inside! :)  The jars were laminated and the film was left in the middle.  We then fingerprinted the wings of fireflies with glow in the dark neon paint. Add a silver sharpie body and voila!! So cute!!  The kids had a ball!! We will hang these from the ceiling!! 

Have you seen these?? Battery operated firefly in a jar!!  LOOOOOOVE IT!!

Glowing fireflies in a jar!

Another awesome day in first grade!!!  Thanks for taking a peek!! 
Have a Glowing tomorrow!!