Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Porcupines- animal study

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by today to take a peek into our wonderfilled world!  Today was porcupine day! We have been studying different kinds of animals and porcupines have always been the kind of animal that seems a little mysterious...with their quills and all!  We had so much fun learning some pretty amazing facts about this curious creature.  Did you know that the quills are really hardened hair? Or that porcupines have three kinds of hair? Did you know they don't really shoot out their quills?

We also had some fun with the little fella and read some poetry and a cute book about hugging and petting porcupines!!  Have you ever wondered about that??? We did some brainstorming about ways to hug or pet that prickly pet!  That turned into a writing lesson and then of course a craft connection!

Our brainstorming visual! "How to hug a porcupine"

"I would give him a bath" " I would put gel on him." "I would give him a card." "I would give him a snack."

Lift up the porcupine to see the writing!

Come back soon!!  We have so much more to show you!
Have a wonderfilled tomorrow!

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