Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fact and Opinion

Hello Everyone!
It is a fact that we were really busy today reading and writing nonfiction!!  It is my opinion that the little fiction/nonfiction activity we did today was my favorite! :)  We have been so busy with understanding what the difference is between fiction and nonfiction,  and learning the features of nonfiction selections, I thought I had better slip a little fact and opinion strategy in our day.  I used this visual to help them understand, and we talked a lot about some of the facts we are learning lately and how they differ from how we feel, think, or believe about something.  The kids were then invited to write either a fact or an opinion about raccoons.If they wanted to write a fact, they had to write it on a blue sticky, opinions went on a pink heart sticky.  The kids did a great job showing the difference...That is my opinion!!! :)

I know, short and sweet today!!  But thanks for stopping by! 
Enjoy this view into our wonderful world!!