Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Hello Everyone!
Happy Leap Day!!  We had so much fun today learning about the most famous leaping amphibians!  Frogs! They are so lovable!!
We've been working on fractions in math, so I decided to incorporate the leaping of frogs into learning about fractions of a set.  The kids drew and cut out logs from brown construction paper. I gave them 4 frogs (pom poms) and a straw.  We practiced blowing the frogs (leaping) off the log and figuring out the fraction of frogs in the water, as well as frogs on the log.  The kids were able to see the relationship and have fun at the same time! 

The kids were also leaping out of their chairs to practice oa (croak) words for word work and make a cute little frog. Very simple!  That craft connection turned out great!  We read some great books on amphibians, and practiced some fun poetry as well!! 

Have a great rest of your leap day!!
Stop again for a peek!


  1. Thanks, Heather! Just getting started!! :)

  2. SUPER CUTE! I love these ideas and could so use them in my classroom! Thanks for the sharing.


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