Saturday, February 25, 2012

Owls and twigs

Hello Everyone!
Phew! First Grade + Friday = Busy!  I tend to plan too many learning adventures, especially on Fridays! Fridays seem to fly by and we are practically running to get everything in.  Besides our Spell Check, Library, Book Buddies, Gold Nugget Trading Post time, Poetry time, Book Basket shopping, and Computer time, I wanted to fit in some good nonfiction learning about owls.  Luckily, I had a wonderful Watch D.O.G. (Dad Of Great students) help me out today!!  He helped with our Spell Check, helped research about owls, helped with a mini field trip to gather sticks for another activity, and helped us stay focused on behavior with talking about rules for life! :) (Don't touch it if it isn't yours!)  Because of his help we were able to get everything in that I wanted to.  We even had time to create some cute little owls and get them up on our window.  Those owl eyes are amazing!!! 
The sticks we gathered were used for making our names for a special backpack we're going to make for our camping themed open house unit! We are incorporating all of our studies on animals into a camping setting!!  Can't wait!!
Thanks, Watch DOG for helping us learn about owls!!

Mini field trip to gather sticks!! :)

Owls are keeping an eye on us!!

Names made out of sticks!! So fun!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Take another peek sometime!!  We'll keep working hard!!
Have a wonder-filled weekend!

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