Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rainbow Words

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for taking another peek!! Fun day today...lots of learning about reptiles. But our favorite thing was during Daily 5. Word Work is one of our "Dailies" and the kids have many choices when it comes to how they want to practice the chunks for the week and the "words to know." They can use playdough, magnets, wikki sticks, letter stamps, roll and write, and many other things with which to manipulate letters and words. Today, because our chunks for the week are oa, and ow, the kids had the opportunity to choose to create a rainbow out of their words, and they went way "over the rainbow" with it!! Great job, kids!!!! Just had to share some of them! Easy, fun, and memorable way to practice word work!! Try it!

Somewhere over the rainbow!!!
I know this was just a quick post, but, phew!  I am pooped tonight!!  Stop by again for another peek!!
Have a colorful tomorrow!!

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