Monday, June 4, 2012

The Adventures of Star!

Hello Everyone!
I am constantly looking for ideas to make that important connection between home and school. One of my favorite ways to establish that connection is to send home our class mascot, Star, and have the kids write in a journal for him! I have done this for many years, and save the journals from year to year. The best thing is when I have a sibling of a former student have the opportunity to take Star home to the same family!  My kiddos write and take pictures for the journal, so the younger sibling sees Star with the family from maybe two or three years before!! Awesome connection!! Kiddos share Star's journal with the class on Mondays and he's off to visit with another family!
Star has gotten to do so many things over the years.  He goes to karate, dance, and soccer practice.  He goes to chili cook-offs and parties. He has been to several states,professional sports games, and visited many different relatives. I get to keep star over the summer and start a new journal every fall.

Star's Journal helps keep memories alive! :)

Such an easy, fun way to get that home/school connection going!! And as an added bonus, I get a peek into the lives of my kiddos, and they get a peek into mine! I like to include this pic when I start a new journal!
Thanks, kids for taking such good care of Star this year!!  I know he loved visiting you!  He can't wait to relax a little this summer and visit some more families next year!!