Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily Five - Read to Someone-Poetry Collections

Hello Everyone!
More Daily Five stuff! :)  "Read to Someone" is a component that my firsties love!!  We practice over and over how it should look and sound.  We practice sitting EEKK style, reading quietly, sharing, asking questions, etc. Many ask what my kids read during "Read to Someone."  Most of the time they are sharing books from their book baskets, but at least once a week, they read poetry together.  We build a collection of poems in a folder starting from day one of first grade!  Many of the poems integrate reading and social studies or science. Some have to do with the word chunk we are working on.  Some are seasonal. Some are interactive chants that specifically help kids share their reading!  Perfect for "Read to Someone!" I just revamped the cover of our Poetry Collection. The folder also contains a letter to parents about practicing and returning the folder.  By the end of the year our folders have at least 50 poems. A wonderful anthology of our first grade year. Here is what the cover looks like along with the poems with which I like to start the year.

Stop by again soon for another installment of my D5 ideas! (and more poetry!)