Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daily Five Word Work Choice

Hello Everyone!
Another post about Daily Five.  :) One of the kids' favorite parts of D5 is the Word Work component.  I do believe in giving the kids room to make their own choices, even when it comes to the word work activities. Research also tells us that a multi-sensory approach to anything will help reinforce objectives.  As far as word work goes, I'll discuss which words my kids choose to work on during the week at another time. Tonight I wanted to share the different choices to practice those words that may be on the menu for the day! I pick about three different menu items from the list daily. I'll put a clip next to the items.  Kids can choose any of the three but they have to stick to that activity for the duration of that "Daily." Most of the activities are self explanitory.  I've included some recording sheets in the unit.  Most of the time my kids will practice in their Word Work Notebooks (which is just a spiral), but you may need some of the recording sheets.  "Write Right on White" is simple practice on their mini white boards.  "Teacher Treat" is when I have come up with another fun way for them to practice that may go along with our chunks, eg. using Chips Ahoy cookies for working on oy words.  Most of the rest take very little prep work or explanantion after training and modeling the first time.  I love the consistency of having predictable choices! (I'll post some pics of the kids working later!)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, or leave me a question.

Have fun!