Friday, June 15, 2012

Writer's Tool Box

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to this amazing wonderfilled world of first grade.  One of my favorite things to teach my first graders is written expression.  One of my favorite resources to use is Lucy Calkins Units of Study.  Our writer's workshop time can be a stressful time for some kids, so my showing a draft style of guided writing and taking the kids through all the steps to publication and celebration helps to calm those nerves.  I always do a modeled writing directly in front of my kids, with thinking aloud as a focus.  There is a lot of talk and discussion and sharing about what each kiddo is going to write. The kids make a map of their heart (things they love), an I chart (personal words to them), lists of things they can write about, and a personal word wall.  These become part of their Writer's Toolbox. All of these tool along with a supply of draft book paper are kept in a folder.
I include a target skill with every modeled writing.  Being such young writers and being a very visual learner myself, I came up with little visual cues to help us remember what target skill we are working on. They are posted in the classroom and the kids draw the little visual on their draft book paper. I am sharing my little unit with you. I have included  28 printables for the heart map, the I chart, list page, small visual cue pages (you can print and put in kids folders) some larger visuals and a couple of little chants.   If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Happy Writing!!

First graders are writers!!

I hope you are writing over the summer, kids!! :)