Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daily Five Mini Posters

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for the peek!  Today I'm sharing a few of my Daily Five Mini posters.  This unit consists of  a poster for "Urgency," "Ways to Read a Book," "D-5 Check In," and a mini motivational poster. If you have read "The Daily 5" book by Boushey and Moser, you will know what these are all about!  Holler at me if you want further explanation! (I know the posters look like they have a blue background here, but when you print them, they will be white.) 

Click here for your printables

Check back soon for more first grade ideas!!!


  1. I truly appreciate all that you share... Your ideas as well as printables. Your love of teaching as well as your knowledge of how to teach young students is evident in all Of your posts. Thank you for your expertise.

  2. How refreshing to find a fellow educator who's willing to share wonderful ideas and help encourage others! I teach in a poor district. It's such a help to have such great free resources to help me reach my kids!


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