Friday, June 8, 2012

Daily Five Student chart

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!  Post 2 on Daily 5!  There are many different ways to figure out which kiddos go to which Daily. I strive for complete independence and choice on the kids' part.  I just revamped my student chart. After weeks (about 4) of anchor I chart making, modeling and practicing, the kids are ready to "Do the Daily 5! Hoorah Hoorah! I have the kids choose their own daily, letting them go table group by table group.  If a station is full when they get there, they have to quickly select another. When they have completed the Daily and at the sound of my sweet little bell, they come back to seats. The kids mark a check on their own chart, and then we quickly discuss what went well, where the challenges were, etc. and I send them out again to choose another Daily.  Using a chart helps remind kids where they need to go yet. And I can see in a glance what each kiddo has been up to.  When kids come to me for guided reading, they simply put a T in one of the boxes on their chart. Kids learn that there will be some days when they will not complete all the dailies.  They  keep their charts in their binder all week. (We don't do D5 on Fridays as we save that day for assessments.)

Stay tuned for some more D5 info, organization, and ideas

Till then, have a joyful day!

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  1. I have been teaching for 10 years, however this will be my 1st year as a 1st grade classroom teacher and I cannot even begin to tell just how helpful all of your information and printouts will be to me. You have some wonderful ideas on here and to say thank you doesn't even seem adequate enough for all of the hard work you have put in. Using your units and information, will keep me from feeling quite so overwhelmed and more excited and eager to begin my new adventure :)


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