Monday, February 11, 2013

Balloon Found 1,500 miles away!

Hello Everyone!!
Can you believe it? One of our balloons from our 100th day launch was found in the Bahamas!! 1,500 miles away from our school! Seriously??? 
 We got a sweet e-mail and pictures from the little 6 year old girl who found the balloon. The balloon was actually still slightly inflated!

Great Guana Cay Abaco, Bahamas

Found at:  3:00 pm – 2/9/13

Teacher – 1-V
Student – AC
1,500 miles from Boon

We are so excited to respond to her e-mail, I hope as excited as she was to find it!  This is the first time in the eight+ years we have been launching balloons that one has made it outside of the continental United States!! This is going to turn into something more than what we have ever hoped for!  I think I see pen pals in our future.  Hmmmm.  I also think I might need to go retrieve that balloon myself! :) 
Anyway, stay tuned for my next unit! Hopefully ready to share tomorrow! 

Have a joyful evening!!