Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fishin' for Fiction and Nonfition!

Hello Everyone!
We are so getting into our whole aquatic habitat unit and have loved so many of the books we have found that have to do with the living things that make water their home. The past couple of days we have spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting the fiction and nonfiction books.  We created this little anchor chart and began sorting our books according to what we discovered.  It was interesting to find some of the nonfiction books that looked like they belonged in the fiction category.  Dr. Seuss has some wonderful selections from which the kids were really learning facts!  

Here's a mini poster that covers the same ideas as my anchor chart.

I've got to keep swimming to keep my head above water at this time of the year, so...Thanks for stopping by to take a peek into our W.O.W.!! Gotta go!!