Sunday, February 24, 2013

Double Bubble Number Necklaces and What Fish Never Get To Do.

Hello Everyone!
We are continuing to enjoy learning through our aquatic habitat unit.  This past week, we practiced our addition of multiples of 10 + single digits using the "Double Bubble" method and number necklaces. I went to a mentor training last week and "played" the little circle game.  It was quite engaging, so I decided to  manipulate it for my firsties!  I printed off some bubbles (to go along with our study of fish) with numbers and had the kids string them on yarn to make number necklaces.  Then I called the kids with multiples of 10 to come make a "bubble" facing out. The kids with single digits made a "bubble" facing the inside bubble. On my cue, they had to add the two numbers.  After a few seconds I cued the outside bubble to shift to the left one space.  Now they all had a new addition fact to solve.  We kept shifting until they had made their way all the way around. A quick, easy, cheap, but engaging math practice activity!

For your own copy of the number necklaces bubble on over to here! Click!

We also continued our enjoyment of language, rhyme, interpreting poetry, etc, with an extension of the poem "Goldfish."  In the poem, the author talks about what fish don't get to do, so we brainstormed other things that fish are missing out on. We turned our ideas into a written expression activity.  We are so glad we are not fish!

Poem is available in my "Sounds Fishy to Me" Unit. Click here for that! :)
Stay tuned for more of our wonderful journey into the world of water habitats. Thanks for stopping by for a peek today!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I am definitely going to try the number bubbles.
    Buggy for First Grade

  2. TOTALLY IN LOVE with this!!! Thanks for sharing! I love teaching math with activities such as these!!! Thanks for sharing and also looking forward to using your fish unit in a couple months!
    Amy Burton

  3. I love your blog but i tried downloading and it did not work? what am I doing wrong?


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