Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Topsy Turvy word Toss

Hello Everyone!
A very quick post tonight...It's Book Club Night!! I love my book club friends!! Anyway, this week we are working on categorizing words. And today was the day to work on opposites, AKA antonyms, AKA Topsy Turvy Words! We talked quickly about what opposites, or Topsy Turvy Words were and then  played a quick Topsy Turvy Word Toss game. I simply gave each kiddo a paper with one word on it. They crumpled it up and tossed it gently!  Then I had the kids pick up someone else's crupple paper (similar to our snowball fights!), read the words and quickly had to find the topsy turvy word!  We then recorded all the pairs of words! Quick, easy and fun!

Want this quick game? Click Here!

There are more Topsy Turvy activities in my 100th Day of School Unit.  If you've already downloaded it, please do it again, as I have fixed some of the typos!
Please download an updated version of the 100th Day unit by clicking here!

Okay! Off to meet my Book Club Friends!!
Have a great evening!

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