Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Habitat Place Value Practice

Hello Everyone!
Great day today!! We are really getting into our science unit on habitats, food chains, and have welcomed some new little guppies to help us understand all this and more!  We got one male and one female guppy, and set up their sweet little living space.  Of course we had to name them. Lollipop and Bob seem to be happy...even with 20 little sets of eyes watching them almost constantly!
Math today had to carry the theme through.  We are working hard on place value and multiples of 10 plus single digit numbers.  You know by now that I like to make things oversized when I want to emphasize something.  I made a giant paper fishbowl and some giant base 10 blocks. I had the kids close their eyes as I arranged a set of blocks on the fishbowl. When kids opened their eyes, they had to simply write the standard notation of what the picture was showing on their whiteboards. We learned through mistakes, reorganization, and trying it again. Then I had the kids write the expanded notation as well.

Then the kids got to work in small groups during our Math SOLVE it time using activities with the same ideas.

Here's a quick peek at this little activity.

 And here's a quick link to the 12 page activity :)

Have fun making math fun!!