Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eat Your Words and "If I had a Fishbowl..."

Hello Everyone!
We had a "fin"tastic day today!  The kids have been working so hard on everything first grade!  Yesterday we definitely built our stamina by writing for almost an hour! We are focusing on editing, and revising.  Today we were ready to publish one of our pieces big time! After writing about what they would put in a fishbowl, the kids got to create themselves holding a fishbowl with their written expression displayed.  They did an amazing job!!! I can't wait to put these up for open house! It amazes me how they can make their little faces look like them!!!

We haven't forgotten about word work!!  This week we are working on the fun little ee vowel chunk.  I decided to do another little "Eat your Words" activity and gave the kids some Cheez-its for the ee's!  So fun!!  I think they will remember the ee!!

Hope you're having a great week as well!!