Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chips, Chips Ahoy!!!

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!  Just a quick post today. We involved all of our senses today during our word work rotation of our Daily 5.  We have been working on oi and oy chunks, and what better way to involve the whole body than to practice with cookies...Mini Chips AhOY Cookies, that is!!  The kids were able to practice their words using cookies for the o's. An easy, memorable, and yummy way to really learn those words.

Here's a printable of this word work activity

Have a sweet night!!


  1. Seriously! Great concept...totally going to use this in the fall! :)

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  3. I used Cookie Crisp cereal but called them Chips Ahoy (they fit better on the paper). I love doing Eat Your Words just as much as the kiddos!


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