Monday, April 16, 2012

If you give a first grader the right story...

Hello Everyone!
If you give a first grader the right story, he can learn about cause and effect!! Laura Numeroff's 'If You Give..." stories are fun to read.  Kids love them!!  They are also fabulous for teaching cause and effect.  After hearing from older grades that we need to help our kids understand that very difficult concept, our author study of Laura Numeroff fit the bill!!  We read the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" several times focusing on the events which caused other events.  Then we worked as a group organizing those events on a giant cookie anchor chart. This visual helped kids understand the whole concept of cause and effect, and cause and effect, and cause and effect, over and over.  We realized that the "effects" became "causes" as the story went on!!! 
As a literature response, the kids wanted to make their own giant cookie chart, so off they went! Each kiddo made a cookie, and then drew, cut out, and assembled their own cause and effect story map.  Great job, kids!!!
When they were finished, the kids had to find a friend to explain the cuase and effect they showed on their cookie!!!  Such smart little cookies!!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!! Compound words!!!  Stop by for a peek!!



  1. Love this! Do you have a link to the pictures you used for your model??

  2. Hi, your blog is so beautiful!!. Will it possible for me to take some pictures from your blog?


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